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The Jailhouse Grill is continuing a 140 year tradition by offering fine food and beverage to locals and travellers alike. The building was built in the mid 1800’s using handmade convict bricks from the local brickfields some 500 meters away and is typical of a Victorian Georgian Inn or Public House of the era.  Registered with the Tasmanian Heritage Council, the building is regarded as important to the community’s sense of place. Originally named the Prince of Wales, Launcestonians will be more familiar with the names The Richmond Hotel, Barnaby’s Hotel and the Ball and Chain Grill. In continuing the tradition of the previous Inn Keepers and Publicans, Josh Hammersley, Tim Piper and all the Staff extend a warm welcome to you and hope that the meal, service and ambience combine for a pleasant dining experience.


Australian Beef is amongst the best in the world. Our farmers are highly skilled at rearing healthy animals using the best breeds and farming techniques including organic and biodynamic farming. With this in mind, it is interesting that many Australians consider Argentinean Beef to be the best.

The secret lies in the cooking method. Argentinean Steakhouses use charcoal fire grills and so do we at The Jailhouse Grill. The red hot embers that are created from burning the Mallee tree creates an intense, even heat that seals the steaks quickly to lock-in the juices and flavours. Not only do our steaks have the smoky and caramelised flavours that is unique to charcoal grilling, there are health benefits too. Grass fed beef is packed full of essential vitamins and minerals including iron, zinc and the second highest source of omega 3’s after oily fish.


Open Every Day

Dinner every day from 5.30pm

Lunch every Wed – Sun from midday
(Lunch every day in December)

Optional Set Price Menu for Groups

Free Help­ Yourself Salad Bar with all mains

Fully Licensed