Starters & Appetisers


Starters & Appetisers

(with main prices as an option)


Sweet potato & pumpkin … $9.70

Herb or Garlic Bread
Topped with grilled parmesan … $8.20

Famous Tasmanian Oysters

$17.50 (1/2 doz) | $33 (for 12)

Traditional w/ bacon & worcestershire sauce…$20.50 (1/2 doz) – $38 (for 12)

Latin oysters
Topped w/ tasty cheese & chilli sauce – Grilled…$20.50 (1/2 doz) – $38 (for 12)

Prawn Cocktail
Not your typical prawn cocktail, shelled Australian prawns cooked on our premises and served w/ a tangy seafood sauce…$16.50

Seafood Platter (cold)
Marinated trevalla, sliced octopus, shelled prawns, Tasmanian smoked salmon and Tasmanian oysters (natural). Can be shared, or as a main…$36.00

Marinated Octopus (cold)
Whole sliced octopus w a unique spicy flavour, served on mesclun salad…$17.50

Cold Smoked Tasmanian Salmon 
Atlantic salmon, thinly sliced and garnished w/caper aioli…$16.50

Marinated Trevalla (cold)
(Cold) Fillets of “Blue-Eye” pickled in our own vinaigrette & served on mesclun salad…$17.50

Jailhouse Pate
Freshly made traditional chicken liver and pepper berry pate, served w/ buttered toast & crackers…$16.50

Caribbean Chicken
Breast fillets slightly spiced and marinated w coconut & mandarin dressing…$17.50 | $33.50

Chicken Natural
Chicken breast fillets charcoal grilled, served on mesclun salad with herb butter…$17.50 | $33.50

Thai Beef Salad
Aged beef strips marinated in Asian spices (mild), soy & curry until dark. Quickly seared…$16.00 | $31

Pork Ribs
Loin ribs on bone infused with our own plum marinade, finished on our grill…$19.50 | $38.50

Scallop & Bacon Kebabs
Skewers of plump peruvian scallops wrapped in bacon w/ a lemon & Dijon sauce…$19.00 | $36.50

The Gamekeeper
A mixed blend of venison, pork, wallaby & berry sausage, coarsely ground served w/ Lesley Black sweet fruit chutney…$18.00 | $32

Cajun Tasmanian Salmon
Boneless fillets dusted w/ cajun spices, charcoal grilled and moistened with herb butter…$19.00 | $35.50

Tasmanian Salmon (cooked medium)
Boneless fillets charcoal grilled and served w/ lemon and Dijon mustard cream sauce…$19.00 | 35.50

Small Sitting Duck 180g
Breast and 1/2 wing, barbecued over the charcoal grill w/ our wild plum sauce…$23.50 | $34.50

Small Sitting Duck 180g
Breast and 1/2 wing , barbecued over the charcoal grill w our wild plum sauce…$23.50 | $34.50

Salad Bar Salad as an accompaniment to an entrée…$8.00

Open Every Day

Dinner every day from 5.30pm

Lunch every Wed – Sun from midday
(Lunch every day in December)

Optional Set Price Menu for Groups

Free Help­ Yourself Salad Bar with all mains

Fully Licensed