Steaks & Mains


Including “help yourself” salad bar & hot vegetables


Eye Fillet The most tender cut available, excellent from rare to well done.

Scotch Fillet* A popular cut, a blend of flavour and tenderness, cooks nicely from rare to well done.

Rump* The first choice for flavour and leanness, best cooked from rare to medium.

Porterhouse* A leaner cut with a tighter vertical grain helps to hold in the juices, can be cooked to med/well on the larger cuts.


Rump 200g…$25.50

Scotch Fillet 200g…$29.50

Eye Fillet 180g…$33.00


Porterhouse 300g…$32.50

Scotch Fillet 300g…$36.00

Eye Fillet 280g…$43.50

Carpet Bag 340g
Scotch fillet filled with oysters and scallops, moistened with garlic and soy butter…$45.00

Peppered Steak 300g
Scotch, dusted in kibble pepper (HOT) before grilling w/ pepper sauce…$38.50

Steak Medallions 280g
Thinly sliced eye fillet quickly grilled w/ creamy mushroom sauce…$38.50

Pork Rib-Eye 290g
This is the pork “scotch fillet” on the bone. Infused to retain tenderness – served with a tasty plum sauce…$36.00  


New York Cut 450g
Special cut of selected porterhouse…$46.00

Eye Fillet 400g
Cut from the butt end of the tenderloin…$53.50

Rump 650g
A convicts last request…$46.00


• Dark Mushroom & Bacon • Creamy Mushroom • Diane • Plum • Pepper • BBQ


Steaks served without a sauce are topped with a slice of herb butter.
Worcestershire Sauce, Hot English Mustard, French Mustard, Mayonnaise & Toothpicks are available on the Salad Bar.

Have you tried the Jailhouse Steak Topping?
A mix of pan fried onions, mushrooms and bacon…$5.90

Main Courses

• All cooked over our wood fired charcoal grill

• All mains include “Help Yourself” Salad bar including Hot Vegetables & Hot Pasta

• All Main Courses served with roast potatoes. For CHIPS rather than roast potatoes… add extra $2.50

Caribbean Chicken Breast fillets slightly spiced and marinated w coconut & mandarin dressing…$31.50

Chicken Natural Chicken breast fillets charcoal grilled, served on mesclun salad with herb butter…$31.50

Thai Beef Salad Aged beef strips marinated in Asian spices (mild), soy & curry until dark. Quickly seared…$29.00

Pork Ribs Loin ribs on bone infused with our own plum marinade, finished on our grill…$36.50

Scallop & Bacon Kebabs Skewers of plump peruvian scallops wrapped in bacon w/ a lemon & Dijon sauce…$34.50

The Gamekeeper Venison, pork, wallaby & berry sausage, coarsely ground served w/ Lesley Black sweet fruit chutney…$30.00

Cajun Tasmanian Salmon Boneless fillets dusted w/ cajun spices, charcoal grilled and moistened with herb butter…$33.50

Tasmanian Salmon Boneless fillets charcoal grilled and served w/ lemon and Dijon mustard cream sauce…$33.50

Small Sitting Duck 180g Breast and 1/2 wing , barbecued over the charcoal grill w our wild plum sauce…$32.50

Rump of Lamb 320g A tender and tasty favorite for the settlers. Cooked med/rare w spicy egg plant chutney…$37.00

Jail Burger (BLT) 270g Worth “doing your time” 100% in-house trimmings w/ bacon, lettuce, tomato, melted cheese & chips…$25.00

Big Sitting Duck 650g Half a Duck, barbecued over the charcoal grill and topped w/ our wild plum sauce…$39.50

Zu’ Burger (Vegetarian) Made here using fresh ingredients. Zucchini, carrot, onion, garlic and lightly seasoned with cumin and fresh coriander. Contains egg, flour and peanuts…$25.50

Salad Bar Salad as a main…$20.50

Salad Bar Salad as an accompaniment to an entrée…$8.00

Open Every Day

Dinner every day from 5.30pm

Lunch every Thurs – Sun from midday
(Lunch every day in December)

Optional Set Price Menu for Groups

Free Help­ Yourself Salad Bar with all mains

Fully Licensed